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Cloud Communication Services

Shift8 Networks, Inc. is an enterprise hosted PBX and cloud-based Unified Communications service provider, delivering voice, video, and mobile communications to thousands of satisfied businesses through its Channel Alliance program.

Shift8 provides it's resellers the most innovative and advanced Unified Communications platform in the industry. www.shift8networks.net

Oil and Gas Services

Dishon Disposal Inc. is a waste disposal facility focusing on solid and liquid wastes from oil field and drilling processes. The solid waste is land filled into specially prepared synthetic lined pits and the liquid waste is treated with industry leading water treatment technology, which can be applied across multiple industries outside of the oil field.

Hurley Enterprises, Inc. provides everything from skid houses, telecommunication services, booster booths, Porta-Potties, generators, potable water, and mess halls in service to many of the major drilling contractors and oil majors in the Bakken.​

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